Permission to use I&CLC2000 products

For downloading Image2000 scenes you need to register in order to give us the necessary information to authorise you to use the data according to the Terms and Conditions.

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Intellectual property rights

All IMAGE2000 products or extracts of products MUST acknowledge as follows : Intellectual property rights IMAGE2000 of JRC, based on Landsat 7 ETM+ © ESA, distributed by Eurimage; ortho-correction EU15 © Metria, ortho-correction other countries GISAT; mosaic production GISAT

Rights and obligations

The user of I&CLC2000 products shall use the requested products exclusively for the scope of performing its task within the above-mentioned project/activity.

Any further use beyond the time limits set in the permission or the passing of the received I&CLC2000 products to third parties, their marketing or any form of commercial use is forbidden and considered illegal. Copies shall only be made for the purpose of data safety.

After finishing the work stated above, the products have to be either returned (including copies) or proven that they have been destroyed to the provider (JRC or EEA). In contrary case the user is liable according to the law.

General remarks

Neither JRC nor EEA accepts liability for the accuracy and completeness of the products supplied, or for any damage caused by such shortcomings. The I&CLC2000 products are still under development. Both JRC and EEA reserve the right to make alterations at a later stage.

Important Notice - Definition of "Non-Commercial Users"

For the Image2000 Product 1 (individual ortho-rectified scenes), non-commercial users are defined as follows:
  • All EU bodies including EEA
  • National Authorities in charge of the production / dissemination of I&CLC2000 in the participating countries
  • Public bodies at international, national, regional and local level
  • Public Organisations, Foundations, Associations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Public Research Organisations / Institutions / Laboratories
Non-Commercial Users are NOT allowed :
  • to sell or further distribute (sublicense, transfer, disclose) Product 1