Quality Control - Internal and External quality checking

Within the Image2000 project, quality control is performed in three steps at National and European level:

  • Internal quality control, performed by the contractor in charge of ortho-rectification
  • External quality control, of one Test Image per country - performed by the JRC.
  • Overall accuracy assessment of the European coverage - performed by the JRC.

National level Validation of test images:

Before launching the operational ortho-rectification of a country, one test image per country is selected and validated. This is to avoid error propagation related to errors in the definition of the projection system, or in transformation parameters used for the geometric correction of the images.

All the test image reports are available on-line

European Level
Overall accuracy assessment:

At the completion of the image coverage, based on a sample, about 10% of all Image2000 products are subject to external geometric quality assessment, in order to establish an overall accuracy and to ensure that the product quality corresponds to project specifications.

Geometric quality requirements of Image2000

The geometric quality of Image2000 products is a RMSE less than 25 meters. Images outside technical specification of 25 m are rejected, and returned to contractor in charge of image rectification for re-processing

Current available results of Test Images

Reports of quality assessment per country/test image

Visualisation of ground control points used during Quality Checking