Product Characteristics

Product Characteristics : consistency in time, geometry and quality.

Reference Year 2000
Time consistency: To assure temporal consistency, satellite data is required for the reference year 2000, allowing a deviation of maximum ?1-year (1999/2001). For land cover purposes, identification data is selected within an optimal acquisition period for each country.

Optimal acquisition periods

Data consistency

One image provider: Image2000 is produced from ETM+ Landsat 7 satellite, providing both multi-spectral (25 m) and panchromatic data (12.5 m).

Centralised management and production

Geometry consistency: As a multi-purpose product, Image2000 meets user requirements at National and European level. The images are delivered ortho-rectified in National projection systems, and one European projection system.

Quality consistency: Image purchase, ortho-rectification and quality control is centralised. This centralised approach gives advantages in overall management and assures consistency in quality of the end product.

Image2000 consists of:

  • Mosaic of Europe compatible with the national mosaics.
  • Resolution and radiometry of satellite data is compatible with satellite data used for former Corine Land Cover (CLC90).
  • No atmospheric calibration is applied, only standard radiometric corrections such as destriping, dropline correction and bit errors.
The main product types are :
  • Product 1 : Individual orthorectified scenes in national map projection system (approximately 1000 scenes, 25m resolution (multispectral) and 12.5m panchromatic). Available for download.
  • Product 2 : National image mosaics. An interim product, not distributed.
  • Product 5 : European mosaic. A harmonised dataset from the individual Product 1 scenes