Image 2000 - the Spatial Reference for Europe

Image2000 products are intended to be the main source of data for updating the European Land Cover database (CORINE Land Cover), but are also reference data in themselves. Primarily derived from Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper ETM+ imagery, they are georeferenced and orthorectified, resulting in a consistent, high quality product.

Image2000 products currently cover the entire European Union plus Bulgaria, Romania, Liechtenstein, Croatia. In 2005 additional countries will join the project. For a list of participating countries in the I&CLC2000 project, click here. Image2000 data are multi-user and multi-purpose, covering a wide range of potential applications.
The main product types are :
  • Product 1 : Individual orthorectified scenes in national map projection system (approximately 1000 scenes, 25m resolution (multispectral) and 12.5m panchromatic). Available for download.
  • Product 2 : National image mosaics. An interim product, not distributed.
  • Product 5 : European mosaic. A harmonised dataset from the individual Product 1 scenes