Document Archive

IMAGE 2000 Project:

Title Author Date
Image2000 - products and methods Image 2000 Project 2005
Procedure for Image Selection Image 2000 Project 2000
Procedure for Delivery of Ortho-Rectified Images Image 2000 Project 2000

CLC 2000 Project:

Title Author Date
CORINE Land Cover Technical Guide EEA 1993
A Technical and Methodological Guide for Updating Corine Land Cover Data Base Vanda Perdigão & Alessandro Annoni 1997
CORINE Land Cover Technical Guide: Addendum 2000 M. Bossard, J. Feranec &J. Otahel May 2000


Title Author Date
I & CLC 2000 Newsletter Susan Christensen & Vanda Perdigão July 2001