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The Image2000 project

From this site, you can access the archive of imagery from the Image2000 project. Image2000 is a related project to CORINE Land Cover 2000 and Image2000 products are intended to be the main source of data for updating the European Land Cover database (CORINE Land Cover). Primarily derived from Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper ETM+ imagery, they are georeferenced and orthorectified, resulting in a consistent, high quality product.

As a registered user, you will be able to download via ftp the individual scenes you select, which can then be used in your own application.

Note: Even in the compressed format used, file sizes are large. A typical multispectral scene is 200Mb, a panchromatic 120Mb. You are therefore advised to download limited numbers of files in a session, according to the type of connection that you have.

Image2000 is hosted by the Digital Earth & Reference Data Unit of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, based in Ispra, Italy. Last update: July 2012.
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There are 2 different products to download, which are represented by 2 types of frames:
- The Scenes frames symbolize all the individual orthorectified scenes in national map projection system.
- The European Mosaic was created from the individual scenes, removing cloud cover where overlapping scenes permitted this. Selecting each frame you will obtain the list of scenes it is made of.

When "Select mode" is checked you might click on one scene or draw a square to select more. A list of images is created on which you should click to obtain more information about each image. Clicking on the 'add' button images will be listed to request. Use your username to follow the download process via ftp.
You can either download the panchromatic, the multispectral or both images. The downloaded images are the individual scenes or a part of the Mosaic.

* More questions answers are in the FAQ.
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